Kirk or Picard? Why Sisko is the Best `Star Trek’ Captain of Them All

The geek battle rages on: Kirk or Picard? The question is moot since the real winner in this debate isn’t even an option. Learn why Capt. Sisko is the only Star Trek captain you’d want defending your galaxy.

Unusual Song Choices in Murder Scenes in Movies

There are two songs in particular that I think are superior candidates for exactly this type of twisting of expectations. One is considered among the most romantic standards of all time, as well as the very model of slow-dance doo-wop song. The Flamingos recorded the ultimate version of “I Only Have Eyes For You.” I don’t know if it’s the bass line, those shoo-bop-shoo-bop or the incessantly repetitive tinkling of the same piano keys, but something about this song gives it an unsettling, almost macabre edge to it. There is a feeling to this song of something dark and dangerous beneath its lyrics of undying love.

Ozzie and Harriet: The First Postmodern TV Series

The comfortable bubble of 1950’s sitcoms presented the world as orderly and uncomplicated. It’s a mistake to lump Ozzie and Harriet in there; the world of the Nelsons was fractured and convoluted. The plots in those other shows were predictable: Beaver killed a guy and feels sorry about it and tries to hide with Wally’s help but gets found out and so must receive a lecture on not killing people from his dad so he promises he’ll never kill again.

Jeremy Brett: The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Next up is The Abbey Grange in which Sherlock must investigate the story of a woman who tells a story of murder that doesn’t sound quite right. The ending of this episode is an excellent example of how Sherlock Holmes is not the cold, calculating machine he is usually portrayed as. Watch as Jeremy Brett plays with the suspect and revel in the gamut of emotions he goes through, from manipulative detective to proud psychological profiler to bewildered judge and jury.