Not the Sport of Kings, but a Very Good Sport as Well: Memorable Bowling Moments in TV History

Bowling has been very good to TV. Much better than, say, soccer or rugby or even hockey. Here are some of the most memorable moments in bowling in TV history…including one moment that changed the very face of one sitcom.

Speaking of Grendel…but I Digress

Throughout these digressive episodes, the sea and lakes are transformed from mere bodies of water into inscrutable symbols of a foreboding netherworld populated by mysterious monstrosities and grimly fiendish ogres capable of ascending to the surface to the enact deadly violence upon humans seeking ultimate abomination of civilizing the world above.

The Best Itchy and Scratchy Shorts

Skinless in Seattle would not qualify as one of the best of the Itchy and Scratchy shorts on “The Simpsons” were it not for one specific element. The short is only tenuously related to the movie that provides the punny title and some may find the fact that the best joke in the short involves an utter lack of a violent outcome as Itchy’s ammo fails to hit Scratchy waiting down below the Space Needle.