The Crisis of Uncommon Nonsense

The idea of Thomas Paine trying to give an intelligent and well reason response live on a 24-hour cable network news show where it seems like practically every story is BREAKING NEWS had the effect of writing the ending for itself. What could be more appropriate than interrupting Thomas Paine to cover the latest bizarre media moment in the Presidency of Donald Trump?

American Immigration Policy: Forward to the Past

1965-Immigration Act
This legislation basically fixed the inherently racist and unfair quota system that had marked immigration policy in the US. It did away with the national origins system, provided for easier immigration from non-Western Hemisphere nations-though I still say the Western Hemisphere is the best doggone hemisphere in the world-and increased the number of overall immigrants allowed.

What America Needs Most in 2020: Mugwumps

The mugwumps decided to hell with Party loyalty (something you would never see in the Republican Party today which places Party First rather than their newest empty slogan of America First) and tossed their backing to the Democratic nominee Grover Cleveland. Of course, we are talking politicians and nobody ever accused many political hacks of being born with a brain that works overtime.