Is El Chupacabra Really an Alien Creature Left Behind by Visitors from Another World?

I might also add that in my neck of the woods, the atrociously stinky armpit of America known as Florida Panhandle, there has recently been a spate of goat killings. The Chupacabra is also known, of course, as the goat-sucker. Could it be that El Chupacabra is actually a pet left behind by alien visitors from another world?

Does Bigfoot Exist?

The very first known Bigfoot sighting took place near a little hamlet in the Golden State. A reporter filed a story that claimed a “gorilla man” was on the loose in the nearby woods. Just to show that the media has always been quick to grasp onto fear as a method of keeping the attention of the public and that it isn’t a recent thing, the newspaper declared that it unsafe to venture forth into public unless necessary.

The Real Men in Black

The real stories of Men in Black is often rumored to have begun with the appearance of the Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Other stories take it farther back to the Roswell incident. Indeed, precursors to the Men in Black go well back into pre-American history. The modern day version, however, does seem to have been initiated in the 1960s and, like tales of alien abduction, are typically very similar in detail.

Wild Stories of Raining Herring and Ducks

Los Nietos, California, 1869. Of all the things you probably never want to see dropping from the sky above, what residents of this small town probably top the list. A nearby farmer reported that over the span of three minutes flesh and blood fell across the length of his two acre farm. Most of the flesh was incredibly small, but occasionally a long strip measuring up to six inches long could be found. Even more incredibly, this was not an entirely isolated event. Two months before, folks in Santa Clara has reported the exactly same thing.