Word Origins and Phrase Origins to Make You Smarter

You know, I actually once saw someone “eat their hat.” I don’t want to get into details and because it didn’t come out well in the end…if you get my drift. Anyway, what on earth is that supposed to mean when someone says blah-blah-blah or I’ll eat my hat? Well, I’ll tells ya. It actually has nothing at all to do with headwear so my unfortunate friend could have saved himself a whole load of trouble if he’d read this first. Such a literal guy, he is.

From Pimps to Chippies: Origin of Sexual Slang

The very first known recorded instance of the use of the word pimp occurred in Samuel Pepys’ notorious diary; a well-regarded literary work that would make even most gangsta rappers blush. It is believe that the word was transformed from its French root pimpant, which means seductive, or the Latin word pipare which means to chirp like a bird.